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Today’s New York Times article about the impact of the severe lockdown on Spain’s children featured a quote that saddened me and heightened my resolve to take this #LifeonPause moment to instill a deep understanding of food and cooking principles in my children. This passage, in particular, struck me: Sara JimĂ©nez, a dietitian and nutritionist, said some families were no longer sticking to strict meal timetables and also indulging their …
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We have been talking about Depression Era recipes a lot lately, both for obvious and some not so obvious reasons. Because of an egg allergy in our family, we already bake Depression Era cake for every birthday (no eggs, milk or butter). Now we are adding to the repertoire with this beauty. Baked Apple Pudding is a rich, warm and tasty comfort food that takes just minutes to assemble and …
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Dec 20, 2019

Peach Markers, Peach Skin?

Our daughters are prolific artists. They have boxes and bags and stacks and cups of good quality markers all around the house, in shopping totes. These markers are in constant use, drawing paper dolls, greeting cards, notes to each other, highlighting homework, completing coloring pages. The most used markers often run out. Recently we bought a box of black replenishment markers. They are now in use. A couple of weeks …
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