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Apr 7, 2019

Spring Has Sprung!

And in our house, that means picnic weather. Once the daffodils begin to sprout my kids start begging to eat dinner outside. So tonight, exhausted after a long weekend of sports practices and birthday parties and not wanting the day to end, I welcomed the break from cooking (and cleaning up after) a “proper” meal. On our menu – fresh roasted turkey and cheddar sandwiches, cut up carrots, strawberries and …
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Party season is upon us, and eats and treats are everywhere all at once. We encourage you to embrace an attitude of mindful eating– relish every bite and sip. Our only caveat: CHOOSE WISELY. Here are our best tactics for the season’s festivities and beyond: Arrive Slightly Sated Enjoy a small snack of raw nuts, string cheese or cut vegetables prior to the event. This will help tame your appetite …
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Dec 6, 2018

Today, we were honored to harvest the beautiful grow tower at our children’s elementary school.  The pre-kindergarten class planted the seedlings and incubated them in September.  Then the sprouts were planted in the grow tower in the school cafeteria in October.  And today, three classes – from pre-k to fourth grade- harvested the various green leaves. We had bok choy, and arugula, basil and dill, amaranth, romaine (ours was e …
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