Peach Markers, Peach Skin?

Our daughters are prolific artists. They have boxes and bags and stacks and cups of good quality markers all around the house, in shopping totes. These markers are in constant use, drawing paper dolls, greeting cards, notes to each other, highlighting homework, completing coloring pages.

The most used markers often run out. Recently we bought a box of black replenishment markers. They are now in use.

A couple of weeks ago, our youngest began asking for “peach” markers. Seems any marker even similar in shade was done, depleted, dry.

“Why is peach so popular?” I asked my daughter.

“It’s the color of skin,” she replied.

Gulp. My husband and I stared at each other. Our girls are not sheltered. We live in New York City, ride the subway, have friends from all across the world. “Peach” is certainly not the color of most skin they see. And yet. Peach.

We couldn’t just buy a box of peach. Wrong message, wrong move.

My husband did a quick search on the web and found Crayola’s Multicultural Color markers – who knew these existed? They arrived in colors named “bronze” “tawny” “mahogany” and “terra cotta” a few days later and were a hit.

The markers also gave us an opportunity to talk about the beautiful skin colors that surround us. The lesson jived so very well with our 4th grader’s Native American-focused curriculum that has so engrossed her this year. Win-win. I have a feeling we will be replenishing these markers with great frequency and we also purchased boxes of them as gifts.

Happy Holidays to All!