We’re about to get political here- Go out and Vote!

Tomorrow is Election Day!

Tomorrow is election day and we’re here to tell you to get our and vote!  Here we turn to our friend Louise Larsen at the popular Facebook Parents of Kids with a Severe Food Allergy who writes:

“I realize this is a touchy topic, but I simply want to take a moment to state something I hold to be core value: Watching out for all parents of kids with a severe food allergy. So let me state this as simply as I possibly can:

If you, or your child, has a pre-existing health condition, please consider voting Democratic. At least for this one election.

The Democratic Party has long fought for affordable healthcare, while in the last several years the Republican Party has advocated for big insurance companies and medication manufacturers more than seeing that the average American family can afford to take care of their family. The GOP has supported companies in legislation that increased their profit even when it decreased our affordability, which I think is unAmerican and not in our best interest.

As the sole creator of this page it would be irresponsible not be perfectly clear. To protect our families from financial hardship due to medical issues, please vote Democrat.

Look, I care about all of you – and it is my compassion for the mom and dad who want to make sure their kids can see the doctor when needed, and pay for all the variety of medication that their child’s conditions has. One very large concern I have is that more and more I am hearing certain GOP leaders saying things which sound even more dire for us, that they may flat out deny us medical insurance due to having a pre-existing health condition at all. This is new, it is almost inconceivable, but I promise you this is where things are heading if we don’t stand up for affordable health care — I don’t care what people call it, we need to fight for it. Keep it, protect it with all our might.

I just needed to say this. Please be patient with me for bringing up the subject of voting, but with a few days to go, I do think it needs to be said.

Thank you for respecting my post. It’s not to pick a fight, it’s to make sure all you hear the reality of how important your vote is right now and why.”

Thank you, Louise, for all you do to protect kids’ inalienable rights to healthy living, a mission we at Apple to Zucchini share with you!