Food as Medicine… or Poison, Take Your Pick

This NPR piece about food as medicine echoes what we’ve been saying for years: “What people eat can be medicine or poison… nutrition is one of the most powerful things you can change to reverse the effects of chronic disease.”


And yet many Americans have never learned basic cooking skills, typically only confident in heating food, rather than from scratch cooking. That leaves them susceptible to the chronic diseases excessive sugar, salt, and the wrong kinds of fat consumption can lead to.

So, on this cozy winter weekend, take charge of your kitchen and cook up a storm. Start with a simple pot of brown rice, roast a whole organic chicken. Add a green salad and steamed frozen vegetables topped with butter and Parmesan for the kids. Bake our Vegan Chocolate Chunk Muffins and freeze some to send to school during the week.

Enjoy and eat together! And please share your favorite recipes and photos of your dishes.

Bon Appetit!