Group Workshops and Seminars

During a 90-minute workshop, Vicky & Natalya provide a broad overview of childhood nutrition, and share practical info on how to best feed your family naturally. From organic vs. conventional foods to dairy and dairy alternatives, GMOs and other important food issues, join us with your questions and leave as a savvy consumer and parent, empowered to make optimal food choices for your flourishing family. Interested? Please contact us.

Farmers’ Market Tours

Love browsing the stalls at the local farmers’ market but often leave empty handed? Have questions for farmers that you’re afraid to ask? We’ll introduce you to our favorite purveyors, share strategies for buying in season and demonstrate how to compose simple, delicious meals from an assortment of ingredients on hand. Interested? Please contact us.

Grocery Store Tours

Want to stock your fridge and pantry with high quality, cost-efficient staples, but confused by the endless options at your favorite grocery store? Let us guide you! Our customized tour will lead you through the fresh produce section, seafood, the butcher and on to bulk foods to help you discover the healthiest, freshest, most versatile ingredients. We will offer label reading tips, unmask hidden ingredients, and help you make the most of your precious time and resources when shopping for food! Interested? Please contact us.

Pantry and Refrigerator Makeovers

Is your kitchen in need of a healthy makeover? The only thing standing in the way of you and nutritious, wholesome meals may be a few small tweaks in your crisper and bread drawer. Working with your family’s food preferences, we’ll provide a list of versatile, healthy ingredients to always have at arm’s reach. Interested? Please contact us.

One-on-One Consultations

Does your toddler have food allergies or sensitivities? Or perhaps your 6 year old only eats white food. During our customized consultation, we will help you on your way to getting your entire family eating the same, healthy and delicious meal. We’ll guide you the best foods to feed you and your family and most importantly, how to get everyone eating one meal! We’ll also explore vitamins, minerals, supplements and more. Interested? Please contact us.

Wellness Parties

Let us come to you for a lively and intimate wellness party (invite up to 10 friends to join)! We’ll lead a straightforward, practical discussion about the most delicious, healthy, and SIMPLE ways to feed your family… naturally. We’ll share the nuts and bolts of childhood nutrition, and reinvigorate your food choices- from the best available organic milk and meat to strategies for avoiding GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms, found in most corn and soy products). We’ll wrap up with healthy meal demos and share our favorite family-friendly recipes. Content can be customized – whether for expectant moms or for those with babies/toddlers/young children. Interested? Please contact us.