Holiday Party Tips: Enjoy Without Feeling Deprived

Party season is upon us, and eats and treats are everywhere all at once. We encourage you to embrace an attitude of mindful eating– relish every bite and sip. Our only caveat: CHOOSE WISELY.

Here are our best tactics for the season’s festivities and beyond:

Arrive Slightly Sated

Enjoy a small snack of raw nuts, string cheese or cut vegetables prior to the event. This will help tame your appetite so you can be conscientious about your food choices and allow you to focus on what really matterscatching up with family and/or friends!

Corollary: Assess the entire buffet/passed hors d’oeuvre options and pick three.

Opt for Whole Foods

Stick with fresh, seasonal, unrefined and unprocessed foods when possible. Make a conscious effort to balance and brighten your plate with plenty of fruits and veggies, and let the rest compliment the best.

Corollary: Eat the rainbow – choose three fruit and/or vegetable dishes as the foundation of your healthy plate.

Drink Thoughtfully

While cocktails and other drinks can be buzzy and tantalizing, mixers are often sugar bombs.  To cut down on sugar and alcohol content, choose a wine spritzer or sub sparkling water for tonic or other sweet mixers. And remember, moderation is key, both in drinks and eats!

Corollary: Transform the Gin & Tonic into a Gin & Club Soda and load it up with limes!

Just Say No To Leftovers

The generosity of hosts is difficult to decline, but just say no to that offer of a to-go plate. Enjoy yourself at the party, within reason, without taking the party home with you.

Corollary: If you take home a plate, choose savory over sweet and make a meal out of it!

Most Importantly: Enjoy!  Delicious Food, Great Drinks + Great Company = A Memorable Celebration!