Growing our own veggies & eating them, too!

Today, we were honored to harvest the beautiful grow tower at our children’s elementary school.  The pre-kindergarten class planted the seedlings and incubated them in September.  Then the sprouts were planted in the grow tower in the school cafeteria in October.  And today, three classes – from pre-k to fourth grade- harvested the various green leaves.

We had bok choy, and arugula, basil and dill, amaranth, romaine (ours was e coli-free!), chard and many more varieties. We prepared a home made Dijon vinaigrette and served samples to all of the children.

Such joy! You would think you were serving them cake.

But so much better. Nearly 80 kids, all ate salad. I didn’t see a single one abstain.

Some loved it. Some liked it. Some didn’t like it at all. But nearly everyone tasted it. Ten more times and they’ll be converted to salad eaters, fingers crossed.

We talked about Michael Pollan’s food rules. We talked about eating fresh, eating local, making dressing from scratch.

It was fun, and many kids wanted more.

Think about it- more salad. They wanted more salad.

Here’s to more salad for everyone!