How do you and your child engage around food?

The results of a recent survey about how mothers and children interact in grocery stores reinforces the recent CNN story (Vicky was a featured expert!) about the most effective feeding style (Authoritative, or “Love with Limits”).

This is a self-reported survey, so there are limitations to reliability, but…

When mothers were asked how they handle tantrums in the snack aisle (were they willing to buy the nutrient-poor items kids demanded, or refuse and instead purchase nutrient-dense food for their children that they considered best).

Those mothers who used food as rewards for for emotional regulation were the most likely (surprise!) to buy the sweet or nutrient-poor food or drink in exchange for good behavior or to appease a ‘bored’ child.

Mothers who model healthy eating habits were less likely to give in to tantrums and feed ‘boredom’ with poor food choices and stood their ground by offering healthy, nutrient dense options.

So, parents, stand your ground. We are with you in spirit as we hurdle towards the Halloween path paved with sugar, spice and maybe stuff that’s not so very nice.  May the force be with you!

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