Is My Child a Picky Eater?

Vicky and I have been discussing a common- and very popular – theme that has emerged from many of our workshops, whether topical or not. We have been so very lucky to meet wonderful, caring parents who have shared their nearly universal concerns about their children’s eating habits.

Our epiphany: Almost all kids are picky eaters. Each of us, Vicky and myself included, struggle with this issue from time to time; it’s a challenge for food/nutrition professionals and lay parents alike.

Point being, don’t despair, realize you’re not alone- it is far more unusual to have a child who is willing to try/eat anything than it is to have one who is selective or “picky.” Usually it’s just a phase that passes/changes as your child grows.

Try to avoid labeling your child- especially in his/her presence, as labels can stick.  Why define your children as picky eaters while they are still working on building their individual identities, strengths and talents?

We’d love to continue this dialogue. This is an important subject and is probably the one we address more often than any other! Please share your experience and how you have dealt with “picky” eating…