This morning at Whole Foods, I finally found a dairy-free milk that’s worth mooing about.  Most of the tetrapak versions contain unsavory additives and thickeners, often including “carageenan,” an ingredient linked to gastrointestinal inflammation, and classified as a “possible carcinogen.”  O Milk is a Brooklyn based company which produces a variety of nut milks including almond and cashew, and specialty/seasonal milks such as Cold Brewed Coffee Almond Milk (have to try that) and Pumpkin Pie Cashew Milk (also on my list).

The almond milk, for example, contains just four ingredients “Filtered water, raw organic almonds, raw organic agave nectar and sea salt.”

The milks are pricey (32 oz of the plain milks go for $10 & up), but the raw organic ingredients (and no fillers) are worth it.  They are available at Whole Foods and other health stores in the New York City area, and the company also delivers them made-to-order to your door (in NYC) for a flat $5 fee. Has anyone tried any of the flavors? What do you think?