Help! My Toddler Won’t Touch His Vegetables…

Desperate times call for desperate measures…
I’m not a huge proponent of sneaking veggies into recipes, but lately my 2.5 year old refuses to go near anything dark, leafy and green. Either he says he doesn’t “like” whatever vegetable I’ve prepared or his latest excuse, “it hurts my mouth”. So last night we had turkey primavera meatballs (with the peppers, corn, and spinach disguised) and today I made a “blueberry” smoothie with kale and avocado.

2 cups organic almond milk
About 2 cups chopped organic kale (I buy the pre-chopped bags at Whole Foods and they last me weeks)
1/2 avocado
1 banana
1/2 bag frozen organic wild blueberries (also from Whole Foods)
2 tsp. pure vanilla, optional

Blend and enjoy!