The Perfect Beach Picnic

What toddler doesn’t love a trip to the beach? It’s one of the few places my 2 year old will stay busy for hours–playing in the sand, searching for sea shells, chasing the seagulls–a win-win for everyone! Unfortunately most snack bars are stocked with fried food (think chicken fingers, french fries, and mozzarella sticks) and candy (blue ring pops come to mind), and offer little in the way of healthy options. Instead, why not pack your own lunch before leaving the house? We love these cute, colorful  Zoli travel containers. The perfect size for on-the-go snacks and meals, they’re stack-able and easy to toss in a beach bag or cooler. Last week our friend (and A to Z fan) Lauren for prepped this delicious picnic in under 30 minutes:

Homemade turkey burgers (pasture-raised patties from Whole Foods seasoned with a touch of salt and pepper and cooked on a grill pan)

Sauteed spinach and zucchini (organic bagged spinach and diced zucchini sauteed with olive oil and garlic)

Cut up mango and plums (or whatever is fresh at the farmers’ market)