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Ezekiel sprouted grain tortillas (or any organic tortilla) Grass-fed strip steak from Fresh Direct Fresh salsa Guacamole or diced avocado Shredded cheddar or monterey jack Brown rice   …
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To market, to market

After a brutal winter I almost forgot how much fun it is to take my kids to the farmers’ market. My 3 year old will happily try anything if it comes in a small cup (which makes me think I should serve everything to him in sample-size portions) and I love being able to pick up ingredients for dinner that require little to no work. Last week we had sweet …
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Pasta with sausage and kale


Starting next week we are doing work to our kitchen. While I’m dreading packing up all our pots and pans and clearing out the pantry, it’s been fun coming up with creative uses for some of the ingredients bought and forgotten long ago. Tonight I decided to experiment with a box of buckwheat pasta, some frozen sausage links, and week old shredded kale. As a nutritionist and the mom of …
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